Walking in the Clouds


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About this photo:
his photo was taken during the annual maintenance shutdown that happens on the slopes of Table Mountain. As per the review below it has been compared to the famous photo of the workers atop of the skyscrapers in New York. This picture was part of the “Man, Machine and a Mountain,” exhibition in Cape Town and is part of a pemanent exhibition in the Swiss Museum of transport. As the only photographer commissioned to photograph the annual maintenance shutdown on Table Mountain since 2005, not only is the 20 year anniversary of my continued photographing this subject, but these are the only photographs in the world of the only cable car system in Africa.

What makes this photo unique is that it was the sample print presented which resulted in an exhibition in South Africa and in Switzerland

Giclee on Watercolour paper.
2/12 print available
Embossed Signature
Photographed in 2005
Framed : 490mm X 344mm
Limited Number of 1 available

“Lunch atop a skyscraper is considered one of the best photographs ever snapped. The image of the 11 immigrant workers taking a mid-air meal atop the nearly completed RCA building at New York’s Rockefeller  Centre captured the imagination of the world. The danger, the intrigue, and how the image was taken for years were part of the Zeitgeist.

It’s also one of the first photos to ever show photography as a true art form. At long last South Africa has its own version – of the men walking the cables of the Table Mountain cableway during its annual maintenance…”

Adriaan Roets  The Citizen Newspaper.

March 12th, 2020.

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This unique image has been compared to the famous photo of the workers on top of the skyscraper in New York.

This image is printed, signed, embossed, and framed and is the original print.