Howdy Bevironi

Man I am so loving Louong Phabang I was here for about 5 days and now I’m back for another 4.

I have just added you to my mailing list but here is a story for you.

I went up to a village called Muang Ngoi which is about a 9 hour trip up the Nam Ou River. It is only accessible by boat.

I went up with a British couple, he was about 23 and she was about 34B and very perky.

The boats are small and when you get in you feel like you’re having a Alice in Wonderland kid of experience. Small chairs and thin boat with low roof does sought of keep you compact for a while. If I’d had the Opium I’m sure the white rabbit would’ve appeared.

So you head up the Mekong, at the first intersection you go right in to the Nam Ou. You can’t miss it as the intersection is very wide and on the corner is about a 2000ft rocky outcrop.

The scenery is amazing, the chocolate brown water which moves as if it is hot chocolate, but is actually just dirty, brown, water, slides past forests and hills. We did stop for some running repairs and I got a little concerned when the captain hauled out a hammer and started to beat the side.

After 8 hours we stopped off at Noung Khiew and to walk across the bridge from the port to the guest houses with a 180 degree view of sheer, brownstone cliff faces, that drop into the river and green forests, on the banks is mind blowing, velly velly psychedelic.

34 B seemed be enjoying the view too.

Over here they make the best fruit shakes. There is nothing like sitting at a restaurant at dusk, overlooking the Nam Ou River and having a good shake…. a fruit shake that is.

The next day we explored some caves and then the hour long trip to Muang Ngoi.

Further up the river I started to feel like a rugged French explorer- with a Jewish surname. I thought I was going introduce contact to the natives, but that vision went overboard when I saw telephone lines running across the river.

Muang Ngoi is a great place to just chill. There are plenty of guest houses and its really laid back. Electricity from 6- 10pm but as it is the rainy season its 7-9.15pm.

We trekked for a day and visited some cool villages with amazing people. Was really happy that there wasn’t a big pot boiling on the side. I think 34 B would be really tasty.

Trekked our arses off in the mud which was fun, but the mud is thick and at times deep. Had to flick a leech or two off. I found out that mosquito spray works on all bloodsuckers so I aim to market it to uses on politicians, bank managers and the tax man.

34B, me and what’shisname went on a fishing trip. It was cool watching how they throw the nets. A good distraction.

They BRAAI’D us the fish they caught and a meal of FRESH river fish, sticky lice and chilli, served on a tree leave is other wordly. 34B was really licking her lips….

Back to the riverside bungalows to just chill. The rooms are quite dark and while travelling back I did see a spider, the size of my hand. If that thing had to land on me in the middle of the night, I would undoubtedly soil myself. But I haven’t seen any in Louong Phabang…speaking of which, FFF………….CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!



Some more pics up on my website (pass it on)

So now back in Louong Phabang, editing pictures, sending stories and just catching up.

Later Mz B

Have a great weekend

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