Someone once said to me that it’s difficult to be a prophet in your own city – meaning that as a photographer we can tend to miss some of the “happenings” that a tourist will see.

Even though I take note of life in my own country I do love travelling and capturing situations with inquisitive eyes and different lenses.

London, Paris, Aubeterre, St emilion, Istanbul,Malmo, Madagascar, Mozambique, Prince Albert, Prieska, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Richmond – to name a few, and have all been captured.

My photo and written travel stories, have been bought and published by magazines such as, SAA in-flight magazine, British Airways in-Flight magazine, The Blue Train magazine, Toyotazone, Fly Safair, Equinox.

To speak to Gary about his previously published, upcoming stories or future commissions please contact him directly on or 083 608 2194.

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