As someone who has written, photographed and had travel stories published in magazines, quite often people say to me, “I’ve got a great story.”

My response is usually, “well why don’t you write it?”

To which they respond, “I don’t know how to…”

The thing about travel writing is that editors are always looking for a unique voice and besides the grammar and punctuation that needs to be correct, there is a kind of a formula that one can follow to create an interesting travel story.

During my recent travels to France and Portugal, I created 5 short videos which describe what’s needed to produce an interesting travel story. Below are the links to the videos.

  1. Its all about WHAT you’re writing about.
  2. WHO are you writing for?
  3. Finding your AUTHENTIC VOICE.
  4. How to COMPILE a travel story
  5. SUBMITTING your story to the editor.
  6. What is SIDEBAR INFORMATION and why it’s important?
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