If you have time and are writing a book that will be printed in full colour then India, China, Malaysia and certain Se Asian countries are an option for dong the printing. You need time because even though full colour printing is much cheaper than printing in South Africa, there is time needed for the completed books to be shipped from the printer. As The Power that’s Ours was only needing black and white printing, except for the cover, having it printed in South Africa was definitely an option as printing prices are very competitive. I was running out of time as the launch had been planned for mid March and we were already sitting in mid February so I never considered getting quotes from Asian printers. The specs for the book had been agreed upon by myself and the designer and all that was needed was a printer who was able to complete the job in time.

The specs for The Power that’s Ours are:

Size – 203 x 127mm (Portrait) 76 Pges Text + 4 Page Cover

Printing -Text lithoed in black ink throughout.
              -Cover lithoed in 4-process colours & Gloss UV/Varnish on one side only.
Binding -PUR Bound,with soft drawn-on-cover glued to spine.Trimmed flush.
Material-Text:90gsm Uncoated Cream Stock
Cover:225gsm Sulphate Board
Delivery-In bulk to one address in Cape Town.

The printer I decided to use was ABC Press as they were by the far the most professional in their quoting and initial service. I think I’m still waiting for quotes from some of the other printers- almost a year after the book has been released. (I’d hate to imagine how long I’d have to wait for the finished article if I’d gone with one of them.) As I wasn’t going the print on demand (POD) route I decided to do a print run of 1000 which brought the unit cost of the book right down. If I’d decided to go the POD route then the printers would have used the digital option as opposed to the Litho option.

Even though-if I went the POD route, my initial cost would have been lower because I needn’t have ordered a 1000 copies the unit cost of each printed book would have been quite a bit more- too much for my liking as it would have affected the selling price of the book.

All that ABC needed from me was a disc with the print version of the book on it. This the designer had and sent  it straight through to them. I was promised 1000 copies of my book two weeks later.

As my first book The Magic that’s Ours had been designed and the printing process handled by Logogistics I knew that I needed to understand the printing process more. ABC printers welcomed my decision to come in and view the initial sample print run of the cover and the text.

Not being a parent I’ve never experienced holding something that I have had an unconditional love for. I did get to experience the feeling when I was able to hold the first print of what was to be the cover and back of The Power that’s Ours.

If I smoked cigars and had a snifter of Cognac, this picture would have been very different. The grin would have been the same.

10 days later,  as promised, 1000 copies plus extras were delivered to my door.

The launch was next on the list plus a curve ball that was about to leave me in a very serious uncomfortable situation…!

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