A while ago I had to visit the dentist- which I hadn’t done previously in a very long time. They scare me tremendously as I can’t bear the prodding, filing, and especially the injections- the pain in my mind is unbearable. But I’ve now discovered that they’ve met their match…

My proposal had been approved by the CSRI committee and the Budget committee- so I was informed- so you can only imagine my surprise while sitting in the meeting with my almost best friend- the contact at the sponsoring company- when he asks me exactly how many books I was seeking sponsorship for. As the exact number for the required copies, and the recipients was broken down and listed in point form on the proposal, I realised that he either hadn’t read the proposal fully or hopefully, he had a short memory.

After pointing out on the proposal the exact breakdown of what’s needed he comes back with,” this is quite a big number and I need to run it by the financial director.”

The reason for the meeting was, while I was in Johannesburg I was just going to pop in and introduce myself while dropping off sample copies of the books in question. I was under the impression and had been verbally told that both the CSRI committee and the budget committee had agreed to the proposal and now I’m hearing that it has to be run by the financial director.

It’s quite interesting what one goes through to calm ones exasperation at a time like this.

As the meeting took place before a long weekend the FD wasn’t around so the weekend ahead wasn’t as enjoyable as I’d previously planned.

The following week I did receive a call from the company stating that they will get involved but only partly.

The proposal I’d submitted is a big ask with a request for +- 8000 books -of two different titles?
to be sponsored and donated nationally.

However the amount required is a drop in the ocean compared to what the majority of Corporates annual sponsorship budgets are, but still, I’d structured the proposal in such a way making it easier for more than one sponsor to become involved without there being a conflict of interest. The pricing structure of the books  is also on quite a steep sliding scale with a more pronounced benefit to the sponsor for more books ordered.

I wasn’t perturbed about only receiving part sponsorship in fact I was extremely happy as it seemed like, once again- I was assured- that the initiative would be taking of the ground.

When I first started out with this initiative -10 months earlier- I thought that the project , right up to the roll out, would be completed within a few months. The wheels of Corporates grind very slowly and at time it seems they even grind backwards.

The funniest occurrence was just as I was going through all of this with the one company that I seemed was on board, I received notification from another company saying that they too were very interesting but only as a part sponsor…

I only wished I received that email before that long weekend.

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