Back from London shortly after the launch of The Power that’s Ours  I knew that I had to get the book out there, reviewed and into the public eye. As I’d already published 1 book The magic that’s Ours I already had contacts who’d reviewed The Magic that’s Ours so the initial work of finding out who the relevant people were was done.

Once again a letter or 1 Sheeter was drafted. A 1 Sheeter is a one page letter describing your book and what you want. It’s recommended to be only one page as editors are very busy-so they tell me- and don’t have too much time to read long letters. This 1 sheeter is sent out either with a sample copy of the book or with an Advance Information Sheet (AIS) with all the details about the book, including content, where it can be purchased and the recommended price.The one sheeter should have a catchy, attention grabbing heading.

1 Sheeter

Self Published Author Promotes Reading in Schools


Dear William

I hope you’re well


At the 11th hour, the publisher who had agreed to publish my first book- The Magic that’s Ours- contacted me to tell me that they were going out of business and could no longer publish my book. This interactive book was written as an alternative to TV and realising the importance of it I went down the road of self publishing my book. Due the success of this first interactive, developmental children’s book, I ended up publishing the follow on book-The Power that’s Ours.


Due to the success of both books and with my aim to increase reading within children, I started speaking at schools to pupils about the importance of reading, using their imaginations and the benefits of setting goals. The talks started out to the age group of my readers, 5-12, but the response from both pupils and teachers has been such that I now speak to all age groups including high school pupils.


Please have a look at the website to view more about the books and talks including reviews in magazines such as Oprah Winfrey’s “O” magazine and the Independent Education magazine- the premier education magazine in South Africa



The Magic that’s OursA vivid, fun, interactive and entertaining book that will last a lifetime.

An interactive story book introducing children aged 5 upwards to the wonders of their imaginations. There are 9 “Fun Time” activities throughout the book where the reader gets to use their imagination related to the story.  Due to the vivid illustrations the book was entered (upon request) into the Katrine Harris competition for children’s book illustrations. Due to the nature in which the book is written many teachers in schools in South Africa, are using it as an extra tool.

This book is very popular in South Africa.



The Power that’s Ours  – Motivates, educates, develops and entertains people from the age of 10 upwards.

Using the same characters as my first book, The Power that’s Ours-launched in March 2009- introduces children aged 11upwards to the concepts of goal setting, visualization, positive thinking and affirmations. It is an interactive story book where the reader gets to set, visualize and affirm a goal, as well as learn about the importance of self belief.

This book is extremely popular in South Africa, especially with schools, and has been very favourably received by teachers, psychologists, readers and the media. The Western Cape Education department has requested samples to view for possible inclusion in the 2010 curriculum.


Both books are also popular within the “Parenting” market as the parents can read and do the activities with their children thus forming a stronger bond.


As the books are self published, all marketing and publicity is the authors responsibility, an interview on ……. radio show would be greatly appreciated.

Alternatively if you could please forward this on to anyone you might feel would be interested in interviewing me to help publicise my books and cause.


Attached please find the AIS for both books.

Very Best

Gary Hirson

Here be some of the initial reviews pertaining to The Power that’s Ours

The Power  that’s Ours-       Reviews

Review 1

Reviewed By: 

Discovery Magazine

In this follow-up to The Magic that’s Ours, photographer and story teller Gary Hirson sets out to introduce children to the very grown-up concepts of goal setting, visualisation, and affirmation.

But he does so in a fun and easy-to-understand way, using an interactive adventure tale to lead his readers on a journey into a brave new world of challenges and opportunities.

Aimed at children aged 11 and up, the book includes a number of activities to encourage children to conceptualise and analyse through artistic means. With the emphasis on fun, relaxation and positive affirmation, the book gives readers the power to discuss and create a path to achieving their chosen goals. The exercises can be done alone or in a group, making the book a powerful tool for teachers to build self-confidence and creativity in the classroom.

Review 2

Reviewer: Colleen Moroukian – School Teacher

Publication: IBBY Newsletter 

Gary Hirson’s second children’s book, in which Joel and Jina once again meet Magic
and learn skills that will help them to achieve by goal-setting, visualisation
and affirmation is well worth buying for children to read at home and for use
in the classroom. From a teacher’s point of view, at a time when we are dealing
with the new OBE syllabus in South Africa, teachers will find this book a most
useful tool. Hirson has provided exercises and projects for the reader to work
through without being aware that they are doing ‘school work’!  In fact, he reminds the reader that they must have ‘Loads of Fun’ as they do the task that has been set. This is the way teachers should approach the OBE syllabus, which a lot of learners and their
parents are finding heavy-going. Projects which come at the end of a busy
school day can prove tiresome for the children. But in this book they really
are fun and the children will not be aware that they are learning skills that
will help them throughout their school and college lives. Carmen Ziervogel’s
illustrations are mysterious and magical, which fits in with the theme of the
book. The cover is particularly attractive and would encourage any child to
dive into the book with enthusiasm. Hopefully, Gary Hirson will continue this series
as I am sure many educators will use it in their classrooms, keeping their
learners busy reading and doing the projects – while having ‘Loads of Fun’.





Review 3

Reviewer: Jordan Ian Ross-11 year old student

You came to my school today and taught us about our imagination and goal setting. A few days earlier I read The Power that’s Ours and thought this book has so much knowledge a book that teaches children, even underprivileged children how to use your imagination. Goal setting is what I love and you have showed me how to use it. All the things you teach are even helpful to even adults and I have made you my favourite author and I don’t expect this to be the end. I expect many more books about Jina and Joel and Magic. So all that you have put into those books, IMAGINATION and GOAL SETTING is what gave me the long to talk to you.
Love Jordan R.

Review 4

Reviewer:  Catherine Normand –Educational Psychologist

Hirson does an excellent job of illustrating the power of imagination in our lives and how we can harness this for positive thinking and goal-setting. The book demonstrates these essential life-skills, as well as how to make use of visualisation and personal affirmation.” Normand adds that, “many of our young people struggle with developing personal cognitive agency – so to be able to think about one’s thought processes is empowering.

Review 5

Reviewer: Anthony Blackhurst- The Ridge School

Publication: The Independent Education Magazine 

While neither Hirson’s first novel, nor the sequel, The Power that’s Ours, is likely to be labelled “the most gripping action-tale I have ever read”, they are not intended as such, and both introduce more than sufficient new ideas or interest scenarios to easily hold the reader’s attention and fire imaginative responses. The cover blurb of the sequel outlines its purpose as: “to introduce children to the concepts of goal setting, visualisation and affirmation”. The book is certainly an effective springboard designed to empower pupils, through a better understanding of how they think, to effectively cope with life’s challenges. (I was immediately sufficiently engaged to use part of the first chapter as the basis of a listening exercise for an English class). Stylistically shadowy illustrations again serve their purpose and the writing is effectively motivational. While the first book is aimed at pupils in their first three years of formal schooling, the sequel addresses children a year or two older (spare an imaginative thought for what may be a good theme for the third in the series)

Review 6

Reviewer: Amy Falconer – 12 year old student

The Power that’s Ours is entertaining and fun, and a great joy to read. I liked the activities and enjoyed the story thoroughly. My imagination was alive. I would like to read this to my younger sister. I suggest to everybody: read this book!

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