A fantastic windfall fell into my lap. I heard that one of the companies that I’d submitted my proposal to bought out a competitor. It was during one of my many follow – up calls that I heard the news finding out about the takeover as well as that the decision maker was someone I hadn’t contacted before. Great, new prospect in my sites.

On hearing the news I  forwarded the proposal with a cover letter stating that it was suggested, by the pre-decessor that I make contact with the new decision maker. I was prepared to wait a while and follow up with a call when I received a message in my inbox from the proposal recipient saying that I should call when convenient to discuss my proposal.

About 5 seconds later I was joyfully announcing myself over the phone and was told that as the company had been taken over none of  their CSR budget had been spenty and that they funds available. Reminding myself to breathe slowly we discussed  the ins and outs and details of the proposal. I was told to call back in 10 days as that was when the decision makers would be sitting down to make the final decision. By then my my imagination was running wild. How was I going to get through the next 10 days. But I did. Trying not to seem overeager, I actually made it until 10 am on the day before making the call, hoping, dreaming and praying to hear the magic words that my proposal had been accepted.

And this is what I was told; “Your proposal fits within our sponsorship guidelines, it is for a market that we’d be  happy to donate to, but…”

No,no,…no buts, please!, I remember saying to myself.

“But it has to be approved by the budget committee which convenes in another two weeks, can you call back then please?”

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