In the world of creatives, whoever  they may be, one has to continuously put themselves out there. And to do that one needs quite an ego. But the ego can be quite a fragile thing- flying very high and screaming from the rooftops  when complimented and sinking to very murky, depressing depths when criticized.

So now the manuscript of my third book is done and to me it looks great- almost ready for printing I think. But first  to the editor. In the world of writing I’ve always thought that the author has the voice but the editor clears the throat. And clearing the throat can be uncomfortable- the feedback from an editor- can be scratchy and irritating- but most of the time constructive if they’re on the same page.

The editor will suggest changes – that’s  guaranteed.  If a thick skin and the understanding that they’re trying to help is what’s missing, then the use of a flak jacket is highly recommended as the verbal shrapnel on its way will rip through the fragile skin leaving seething, festering wounds which will take a long while to heal, if at all.

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