The reason my publisher went out of business in 2005 -I think-  is because they were slightly ahead of their time.  Back then they were one of the first e book publishers that I’d heard of in South Africa, concentrating solely on on-line publishing.

A few years ago I remember speaking to someone very involved with e book publishing and he mentioned that even though ebooks were only 1% of the publishing market at the time  the figure was  doubling year on year.

Recently there was a report that for the first time ebooks had out sold hard copies on Amazon. It does seem that e books are not only the way of the future but are here NOW.

In May of this year The Power that’s Ourswas loaded onto Mixit– a part of which offers downloadable chapters of certain books.

I just received a printout from Mixit showing me that  in May 951 chapters of The Power that’s Ours
were downloaded,  in June 961 chapters downloaded, and in July 2742 chapters of The Power that’s Ours
were downloaded.

That shows me two thing;

  1. The youth are reading and,
  2. They’re enjoying The Power that’s Ours.

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