One of the real challenges of being self-employed or a freelancer is being able to raise funding for projects. The tight grip of the banking world only seems to tighten when nothing can be secured, and for some, dreams die before they can even begin to try and fly.

Ever since becoming a professional photographer it’s always been a dream of mine to have a coffee-table book with my name on it. I’ve realised that dream once before and I’m now busy with the second one. 

My first book, Down The Line, was created raising funds via the Corporate world, and the funds for my next book, Changing The Lines, is to be funded the same way and via Crowdfunding.

So how do I do it?

Corporate funding.

This is all about marketing opportunities for businesses if they buy in quantity. 

What I offer them is;

1-25 copies – all copies are personally signed and delivered to them at a price that will be less than the retail price.

26-50 copies – all copies will include a designed book mark with the purchasing company’s logo.

51+ copies – all books will include a personal page for the purchaser. This page will be printed in the book and will include a personal message and the company logo. 

What makes this attractive is that the books can be used as gifts to their customers, suppliers, or staff members.


Via this platform, the potential funders embrace the idea or the dream that is the project. They become a part of the project. In return for their funding contribution, they receive rewards as well as contributing to the success of another’s dream.  These rewards are on a sliding scale determined by the funding seeker. All funds are controlled by the crowdfunding organisation and only when the desired total is reached (within the allotted time period) is the funding released. 

As I am still seeking funds for my dream the crowdfunding route can be viewed at 

For the Corporate option, I can be contacted at for a brief, yet detailed proposal.

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