Many have said that don’t be affected by what the critics say and that word of mouth are the best reviews. As much as I appreciate that, a good review always manages to put a smile on my face
Below is a recent review(This week) of my second book The Power that’s Ours.
Reviewed By: Discovery Magazine

In this follow-up to The Magic that’s Ours, photographer and story teller Gary Hirson sets out to introduce children to the very grown-up concepts of goal setting, visualisation, and affirmation.

But he does so in a fun and easy-to-understand way, using an interactive adventure tale to lead his readers on a journey into a brave new world of challenges and opportunities.

Aimed at children aged 11 and up, the book includes a number of activities to encourage children to conceptualise and analyse through artistic means. With the emphasis on fun, relaxation and positive affirmation, the book gives readers the power to discuss and create a path to achieving their chosen goals. The exercises can be done alone or in a group, making the book a powerful tool for teachers to build self-confidence and creativity in the classroom

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