The book is now done and you’re feeling like a proud parent with a new edition to your family-WELL DONE!

From this moment onwards you have to decide on how you’re going to market your book. As an author you have to become a marketer, or if you not comfortable in selling, you going to have to get someone to do it for you. This not only applies to self published authors but also authors that are represented.

Now that my book was out, I had a distributor, and it was in the stores, I did two things initially to boost the sales. Firstly I took on a PR agency to write up a press release that they’d send out to the relevant media be it radio, TV and print media.We negotiated that I would pay them over 3 months. The first 3rd of the payment was in lieu of the brilliant press release that they produced. Along with the release the agency sent out a sample copy of the book so that the reviewing editors could see, feel and touch the book. Just to digress, the printer usually sends more than the required print run in case of errors or damages. In my case, they sent an extra 40 over above the agreed upon 1000 print run. The 40 extra copies went to the PR agency which they used as samples.

On the 2nd June 2007 was the official launch of The Magic that’s Ours. It was held at a child friendly coffee shop in Cape Town on a Saturday afternoon during the Springboks 2nd test playing the English at rugby. As my market is for mothers(They buy the book their children) I planned it that way as I know many women aren’t as into rugby as their partners are and are more than happy to have an alternative arrangement.

For the initial launch I depended on my friends and work mates to attend. Friends and colleagues are usually the most solid support base and definitely will be you first customers-call on them.

The coffee shop had a huge outdoor playground for the kids to play while the moms relaxed and chatted. I organised a clown to entertain the kids. Cakes, snacks, coffee and tea were supplied by the coffee shop-paid for by me- with a cash bar for any drinks required.

Besides the clown,I invited Janyce Weintrob- the news editor at a local radio station- and very good friend to give an introductory speech which was brilliant and to the point. I spoke for about 30 minutes thereafter  briefly telling the audience of about 100 people about why I wrote the book and my journey up to that day. To end it off I invited a friend of mine’s son-10 year old Zac- to do a short reading from the book which I must say was a stroke of genius as the audience were completely taken by his reading. Thereafter all I remember is signing about 100 books and basking in all of the attention.

It was a great day as I got my first real experience of public speaking, fun was had by all , and the sales were good.

The PR agency took pictures and a great release was published in the local tabloid the following week.My first taste of celebritydom

Marketing is a massive part on selling books and I’m going to be blogging about it for the next few weeks.

At times I might sound egotistical but having an ego can help determine the sales of your books.

To sell  a self published book, be prepared to talk about yourself, your journey and your book to anyone who you might think would be interested…and to those that might not be. But talk about it anyway, you never know what might happen.

Start off with a launch and get the local media involved, most of the times they’re happy to support local events!

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